Earth Day next week!

Earth_Day_Shopping_1Earth Day is this coming week and hopefully most libraries are planning some exciting community involved activities to remind people how connected to the Earth we really are!  You can check out a past list I made of ideas and activities here, but also consider taking the Story of Stuff Pledge too.   Here are some links for more earth day ideas:




BOOK: Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Path to a Carbon-free Library

Henk_300Check out this new book by Mandy Henk Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Path to a Carbon-free Library coming out this summer from ALA but you can order now & you should!  The online summary says:

n the first book to seriously examine the future of libraries in a climate reality-based context, Henk convincingly argues that building a carbon-free future for libraries is not only essential but eminently practical. Using the “three E’s” of sustainability (ecology, economy, equity) as a foundation, she traces the development of sustainability from its origins in the 1970s to the present, laying out a path librarians can take at their own institutions to begin the process of building a carbon-free library. Rooted in the latest science but firmly focused on concrete action, her book”

I heard Mandy speak as a keynote at the Social Entrepreneurship in Action: the 2013 Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians on Libraries and the Triple Bottom Line and she had some fantastic ideas I had not even thought about myself. (Check out her Prezi)


“greener” 3d printing materials?

We just got a 3d printer in my library and though I do hate that we are printing with ABS plastic,  at least it can be  recycled (though you might have to search for a nearby place to recycle it with). But reading about the possibilities to print on PLA or polylactic acid, a bio-plastic, starch based material. Sounds like this material does clog often which is not a plus, and it’s hard to recycle (it’s meant to break down eventually).  Openmaterials has a lot of ideas for DIY experimentation for various materials that could be used.  But the coolest news is the possibly “robot” to turn trash into 3D printing material called Filabot!

For a real entrepreneur check out this story in  Inhabitat  “West African Inventor Makes a $100 3D Printer From E-Waste” – How inventive, creative and green!

DIY Crafts & Upcycling

Maybe not really “Green Library” related but I love the idea of reuse and art projects.  Anyone with a Makerspace in your library should really check out these ideas.  Care2 has a great post about upcylcing and art projects that could be fun for any library:

10 DIY Crafts for Old Altoids Tins (oh the miniature zen gardens are a fabulous idea)

25 Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts (the t-shirt to yoga pants – awesome!)

24 ways to reuse old sweaters (I think the sweater skirt would be easy enough for me to do)

15 Ways to Reuse Old Pillowcases (I like the pillowcase belt, but I think my cat wants the hammock)

and of course…

20 upcyclying idea for BOOKS from picture frame to a purse to a tablet cover and more… get creative @your library





Register by March 15 for the USAIN conference!

14th Biennial USAIN Conference

Sustainable Agriculture: Stewardship of Our Information Ecosystem
May 4-7, 2014  *  Burlington, Vermont

The conference schedule is here Early-bird pricing ends Saturday, March 15, 2014. Click Here to Register   Check out the  pre-conference workshops or  local tours, too (like a bird walk and Ben & Jerry’s tour!).

…and a fabulous librarian at U of VT is the conference chair ! I hope other librarian can attend this conference as well.


UN Sustainable Development in Action newsletter + knowledge base



United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development puts out a free newsletter:  Sustainable Development in Action. Volume 2, Issue 2 – February 2014 was just released, concentrating on  actions from members of Rio+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development). There is a call to “Share your Sustainable Development in Action” for one of their upcoming Newsletter issues.

Also worth checking out is their  searchable Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Note: IFLA is involved in the creation of these UN sustainable development goals!