Green Printing

GreenPrint World – a new, free application  (for windows users) detects and highlights unwanted content before printing such as banner ads on a Web page, images that tends to spill over onto extra pages, etc. It also allows users to delete images they dont want to print, and create quick PDF files for easy printing.

GreenPrint World estimates regular users of this application will eliminate over 1400 pages a year and save $90! And it will spare 100 million trees from being chopped down and 300 million tons of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. 

Download the free application here.

Better World Books

Looking for a place to discard old library books that is not a dumpster? Check out Better World Books. They sell discarded and donated material from libraries across the USA States on over 17 online marketplaces. The program generates funding for both libraries and non-profit literacy initiatives. Yup, you can actually donate your materials to Better World Books and get money in return! There are no costs – no sign up fees, no service agreements, etc.  And books they can’t sell – they recycle – nothing ends up in a landfill.  Check out the FAQs for more info. I know several libraries who use the program now and would love to hear their comments on the program.

SLA Announces Green Initiative

CHEERS TO  SLA!!   From the press release: “The Special Libraries Association (SLA), a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners, today announced it will take the first steps and begin efforts to become an environmentally sensitive organization at the membership, board, volunteer leadership, and staff level.”  

SLA has already begun greening their offices through elminating excessive paper use,  replacing disposable plates, cups, and utensils with real washable ware, buying recycled products only,  recycling everything they can, creating incentives for staff to use public transportation,  and purchasing carbon credits to offset all staff travel for events throughout the year.  At their next event, the SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Seattle in June 2008, they will lauch significant environmental initiatives. They hope to see a ripple effect througout the SLA community as they launch this green initiative.

Resources for Energy Management Planning

You have probably heard of Energy Star ratings for buying appliances but Energy Star (part of the EPA) also has many great resources available free online. The library contains spreadsheets, documents and PDF files you can download such as Facility Energy Assessment Matrix, Building Design Guidelines, Green Building Energy Efficiency, and more. The site also offers free online training with pre-recorded, self-guided or online live choices to help you the energy performance of your organization.

Did you know that Energy Star Leaders, comprised of hospitals, supermarkets, commercial real estate businesses, etc. boast two-thirds of their leader organizations as US school districts. Schools know that being green saves green $ in the process!


WasteWise is a free, voluntary, flexible EPA partnership program to help organizations in the US eliminate municipal solid waste, save money and the environment! The program includes management support, waste assessments, employee education, measurement, reports and maintenance. Register here.

Eastern Illinois University reclaimed over 9,000lbs of computer equipment and 25,000lbs of coated paper AND in turn saved the university $7,000!

Environmental Practices at Conferences

A Task Force on the Environment of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (TFOE-SRRT) asked conference goers to bring their favorite traveling mugs & water bottles to Midwinter this year. Think about all the water and coffee/tea being used by the over 10,000 librarians over the course of several days and many sessions. I hope to hear that many people participated!!!

For more info on this group visit the TFOE-SRRT website.

For information on running more green meetings check out BlueGreen Meetings.

College Library – Green Blogging

Moraine Valley Community College (IL) with a Sustainability Initiative and the library’s One Book, One College program has started a blog called Green Today, Green Tomorrow.

The blog posts will include new items in the library’s collection, information about programs related to the One Book events, and items related to the campus-wide sustainability initiative. Check it out:

Are there more libraries going green and blogging? I’d love to hear about them!