More green cleaning products

Sierra Club just launched a partnership with Clorox called Green Works –  natural, effective, and inexpensive cleaning products. The ingredients are derived from coconuts and lemon oil, contain no phosphorus or bleach,  formulated to be biodegradable, not tested on animals, non-allergenic, and packaged in bottles that can be recycled. For around  $2.99 to $3.39 they are much cheaper than most “green” products on the market. You can find these products in most stores and even Amazon will be selling them as well.

Why not pick some up for your library cleaning? Healthier work environments lead to healthier and more productive employees. 

4 thoughts on “More green cleaning products

  1. Cool blog. And you could put those cleaning products into a cloth shopping bag…

    Did you see the news story in the NYTimes on 2/2/08 about a 33 cent tax on plastic shopping bags that is creating demand for re-usable bags? The Irish are going green! And I think we could follow this example… how many conference bags could be used for more than one event? How many canvas bags with our library logo could be sold as both a fund-raiser and a green shopping bag?

    “Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags” By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL

  2. […] no longer using plastic bags at all, encouraging people to bring their own bags, backpacks, etc. As someone commented on my blog, Ireland since 2002, has been charging a 33 cent tax on plastic bags! Other countries […]

  3. […]   Going Green @ Your Library had a post on February 3 about The Sierra Club and Clorox teaming up to create environmentally friendly cleaning products titled, Green Works. For me, that name is too closely associated to the non-lethal prank device that my friends and I would leave in neighbors mailboxes. Apparently, there weren’t many fourteen year old boys in the focus groups. […]

  4. […] Links — filarwilliams @ 4:19 pm Tags: clean, green, green_practices, how-to, library I posted previously about the number of green cleaning products and green janitorial products and services on the […]

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