Is it possible to offer a telecommuting option? Even just a day a week? With the technological advancements we have today, many people could work out of their homes and still connect to the office network. Academics could do research day from home. Many public libraries are starting ebranchs that can be managed at times from home. We even had someone (home with a baby) do cataloging from her house.  With distance education growing, classes can be taught online with many e-resources offered without a physical building or person needing to be local. Try brainstorming others ways to offer telecommuting as an option – maybe not daily (yes, we need staff to run the physical library), but as we move into a more virtual environment, we don’t need everyone everyday driving to the office.


One thought on “Telecommuting

  1. […] In general, it saves the employee money on gas, thus being more environmentally friendly, and will allow the employee to be more productive by eliminating the the social aspects and distractions of an office environment. Other suggestions for why can be found on this old post. […]

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