Better World Books News

I posted about Better World Books back in January, but I want to mention something I just read about this socially responsible company. The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire just posted about them saying they “distributed more than $470,000 in proceeds from its Library Discards & Donations Program to hundreds of city, county and university libraries in 2007…” Better World Books has now collected items from over 900 libraries and generated over $1.4 million in funding for libraries in the last 5 years (as well as additional $2.7 million for non-profit literacy initiatives.) Also note they have saved 6,454 tons of books from ending up in landfills and 1725 tons of carbon offsets through carbon-neutral shipping.  WOW! If you haven’t yet taken the time to check out their Library Discards & Donation program, visit them online:

Fast Company magazine just listed them as one of 45 social entrepreneurs who are changing the world.  Cnet’s blog wrote about them recently as well: “Eco-alternative to Amazon funds literacy programs”  They are also a certified Founding B Corporation.


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