Planet Green TV channel

On June 4, a new “all green tv channel” just began called Planet Green (part of the Discovery Channel Network).  Planet Green broadcasts such shows as Alter Eco (a green version of a home/lifestyle makeover series), Greenovate (green ways to renovate to save energy costs), and Greensburg (13 part documentary series on the green rebuilding of the Greensburg, KS town hit by the tornado last year).  The premier of the Greensburg series begins Sunday June 15, 2008 (check your local listing for time/channel).  Anyone thought of hosting this premier at your library as a community/school event?

The Planet Green Web site also has many articles, info on the tv shows, and videos clips on range of topics such as home, garden, tech, health, and work, including some recent ones on LEED certified professionals and greening in your community.  Don’t forget to check out this article about the the head librarian of Kiowa County who lost her house in the tornado  – one of the homebuilders to be featured in the Greensburg series.


One thought on “Planet Green TV channel

  1. Hello everyone!
    I have just started watching the Planet Green channel this week and yes, its a good step towards saving the environment by Discovery network. The two programs that I have liked so far are “Future foods” & “Smash Lab”. I’m really inspired by Future foods, their concept is very unique. I tend to follow the whole season and will also blog about it real soon. Do keep a watch on my blog and I would love to hear your comments.

    Thanks & Take Loads of care 🙂

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