Do you drive to work?

There have been some comments on the e-list from TFOE (task force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of ALA – Task Force on the Environment) mentioning that next Thursday June 19 is “Dump the Pump” day.  Dump the Pump Day is organized by several transportation agencies, encouraging people to not fill up at the gas station that day – to make a statement.  Try taking public transportation, walking, biking, or telecommuting.  Some librarians disagree with this Day; that US citizens pay much less in gas than most other countries already compared to the amount the we consume, that we need to rethink our lifestyle instead of just not buying gas one day at the pump. Telecommuting is a great option that many people are looking into even in libraries. Can we be create and figure out ways to run a library w/ less people physically on site?

BTW, if you haven’t checked out TFOE they offer some great tips and information on their Web site. TFOE and SRRT were behind the idea of encouraging conference goers at ALA Midwinter last January, to bring their own water bottles and travel coffee mugs instead of wasting disposable cups.  I wonder if this is happening at ALA annual later this month?


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