Recharging your gadgets

Some unique, new ideas to recharge gadgets w/o electricity ideas from Inhabitat:

For USB devices try the hand crank Super Battery (available from Datexx) – good for traveling, when your loose electricity, or when you want to work your arm muscles 🙂

Or go solar with the 58″ long waterproof solar roll which recharges anything electronic (available from Brunton). It’s a bit pricey but worth checking out for a fun idea anyway. Now we can run our library’s virtual reference desk while fishing on remote lake in Canada or climbing in the Himalayas!

Try wind power for something new: this personal wind turbine (available from Hymini) can be hooked up to various devices when you are on the go to recharge by wind power.

Put more human power into recharging by using the Weza Foot Powered Energy Source (available from Freeplay) You can generate enough power to start a car as well as your cell phone, GPS, or iPod. Libraries off the grid? Not such a crazy concept anymore, eh?

One more idea for recharging … your own personal kinetic energy! (from Cnet) “Music company Orange and GotWind, a firm specializing in renewable energy, have teamed up to create a device called the Dance Charge. Weighing 180 grams (about 6.3 ounces), you strap it around your arm. Dance Charge then uses the kinetic energy generated by your body in motion to juice up your phone.”

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