Composting at your library

Coffee grounds, left over lunches, party food wastes…. want to try composting these materials (to use in your library gardens!) but how to do this efficiently, w/o smell or mess? Look for a compact, odor free, easy to use, type model. There are two composters at Nature Mill (a regular $299 and pro $399) which offer all of the above benefits and are worth checking out. They do plug in and use electricity, but only about 10 watts per month (about 50 cents). But the ease at which they can be emptied w/o the usual mess of other composters may convince others in your office to participate.

There are many other options for composters that require a little more work. Gaiam offers a few choices at a much lower cost and uses no electricity such as this positively reviewed Bokashi, or some general kitchen composters. You can go all out with an all natural worm composter if you are dedicated to the work it will entail.


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