Reach for Unbleached

Did you know that in its natural state paper is off-white to brown in color though most paper we seem to use at work is white? That is because chlorine is used to make it the supposedly more appealing white color. Chlorine containing organic compounds are listed as a top pollutant for their impact on human health and the environment (for more details on this you can read the UN’s Environmental Progamme’s Persistent Organic Compounds(POPs) page) If you want bleached paper, try oxygen bases bleaches.  Also, note that “Chlorine Free” labels are deceiving; that can just mean not elemental chlorine yet forms of chlorine are still used.  The Reach for Unbleached Foundation has lots more information on this topic.

Unbleached paper products are available for everything from printer paper to file folders as well as paper products like tissues that you might use around the office. Check with your office supply company to see if they offer unbleached options.


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