Green Workshops

Last week I was in the Chicago suburbs giving two workshops at two different library consortiums (NSLS and MLS). I met some great folks from various libraries who attended to learn more about greening their libraries though many of them are already going down that path. Many of these libraries are starting green library committees to bring the issue of sustainability into their libraries in an organized way.  (please post a comment and let me know who you are)  Some librarians I met already have green roofs (or green gardens) and even green buildings (one school librarian from Texas gulf area wants to redo her hurricane hit library by going green). Marketing ideas such as bookmarks with links for local recycling places, green blogging for the library, green resource section of the library web site or even a physical display of  green resources owned by the library.  Warren-Newport Public Library is hosting a Recycle-O-Rama this weekend (Nov 15th). They also have a green pledge form for patrons to take and a green ideas form for their library staff to suggest new ideas.  Some libraries are switching to all recycled paper (one library mentioned using a eucalyptus paper that is cheaper and sustainable). Another library mentioned after shredding sensitive documents, they donate the shredded paper to the local animal shelter who uses it for litter (not worries about someone trying to piece the paper back together 🙂 One librarian enlightened us to the Risograph printer which doesn’t use heat to print or copy thus saving at least 90% percent of energy used in most printers.

Thanks to everyone who atteneded and shared your ideas. It was great to connect with other green librarians!

2 thoughts on “Green Workshops

  1. Hi, I’m from the Des Plaines Public Library, Des Plaines, IL. I’m the chair of the Green Team and some of our members attended your workshop at NSLS, which they really enjoyed. We’ve made good progress with our greenness thus far. A recent (and big) change was introducing reusable tote bags that are sold for $1, rather than free plastic bags. Response has been very positive so far! We’ll definitely be checking back with your blog and wiki for more suggestions. Thanks!

  2. I hope the sale of reusable tote bags is still a positive venture for Des Plaines Public Library! It great to hear about green ideas being implemented and well received. Please keep sharing any new ideas, suggestions, pro/cons, etc. since they could really benefit another library too. Thanks!

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