Green Office Supplies

Looking for greener office sources? Check out these two sites:

The Green Office is a good place to go shopping for sustainable office products. Their mission and vision incorporate building a more ecological and healthy supply company who models sustainable practices through the triple bottom line concept.  You can shop by category: office supplies, paper, technology, ink, furniture, janitorial, breakroom, and gifts; search by their rating guide; find out about upcoming webinars/seminars; or check out their sustainability consulting options.

The Encoprenuerist has a great article called Stocking the Green Office. Choose a topic – sustainable paper options, office furniture, and cleaning supplies- for information and links to resources on each topic.  The Ecopreneurist supplies news and advice and on the topics of sustainability, social entrepreneurship, green products, and green services, as well as assistance for a green start-up business.


3 thoughts on “Green Office Supplies

  1. one other way to help green an office in the UK is to use as they will collect and recycle for free all the toner cartridges you buy from them. See them re-used as park benches and plastic fencing, so you can be green whilst still saving money on your online purchase as well as protecting the environment.

  2. Good and informative post, wish we had a similar company here in Finland – I need to send my customers all over the place to get green supplies.

  3. Green Printing Solution |

    If you like what you saw in the video, contact me for more information about reducing your toner usage by up to 70%.

    Terell Jones

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