Green Library Presentations

Last Friday, ACRL/NY had an all day symposium called the  “The 21st Century Library: Targeting the Trends.” Reading their conference blog two interesting sessions caught my attention on greening libraries. One was a presentation by Monika Antonelli called The Greening of Librariesthis session will examine the emergence of green libraries. The presentation will provide an introduction to green building, a review of existing green library buildings, and a look at green programs offered in libraries. The role librarians can play in creating green communities will also be discussed. Be sure to check out Monika’s blog for lots of good details and resources on the subject.

The other was a poster session by Erin Dorney called Extending a Green Hand: Environmentally Friendly Library Outreach Tips –  Are you concerned with the environmental footprint of your library? Do you cringe when making hundreds of paper copies of handouts? Learn how to implement “green” outreach methods for your institution. By using web tools (including social 2.0 tools like Facebook), creating virtual handouts, utilizing reusable displays, offering environmentally friendly incentives and more, you can experience amazing results: more value and visibility for your library while simultaneously helping the Earth! Trying to be green through her own actions, Erin posted  the handouts on her blog.

View the bibliography from the symposium (in PDF)

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