Green Journals

Some green journals/bulletins worth mentioning:

AASHE Bulletin –  for campus administrators, faculty, staff, students and professionals interested in campus sustainability;  free weekly e-newsletter on campus sustainability news, resources, opportunities, and events from the U.S. and Canada.

The Declaration –  ULSF’s (University Leaders for a Sustainable Future) biannual report from 1996 to 2005, offers  in-depth articles on  sustainability initiatives in curriculum, research, operations and outreach at higher education institutions around the world.

Electronic Green Journal professional peer-reviewed publication devoted to disseminating information concerning environmental protection, conservation, management of natural resources, and ecologically-balanced regional development. (non-profit, free online)

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (IJSHE) for professors, lecturers, staff and students on campus its a fully refereed academic journal for the analysis of environmental and sustainability programs and initiatives at colleges and universities worldwide.

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development –  for academics and practitioners to share and critique innovations in thinking and practice in the emerging field of Education for Sustainable Development with global readership and published twice a year. (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Green Building –  for architects, engineers, and building construction professionals or academics in these areas; contains both industry and research articles (peer reviewed) which span the whole scope of the green building domain of green building topics, applications, techniques, and processes.

Sustainability: The Journal of Record for professionals in academia, industry, policy, and government; provides information and resources to foster collaboration, between sustainability managers, educators, corporate executives, administrators, policy makers, economists, and technology innovators who have the mandate to address and move forward the imperatives of the preservation and sustainability of global resources.

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