Find Greener Options with EVO

The first thing I did on EVO’s site was take the Green Your Tree quiz to answer the question “how green are you?”  Though its not perfect answer of  how green you really are (for ex: yes, I drive a fuel efficient car to work daily but my husband works at home; and yes I have nylon or polyester clothes but from thrift stores, not bought by me) its intended to be a fun, engaging way to give you a sense of their environmental impact and offer some good recommendations for daily habits and choices.

EVO ‘s goal is to connect you directly with online sellers and present the user with  valuable content along with green products and services in an easy and accessible way. Every product  is assigned a number of leaves to represent how green it is –  the more green leaves, the greener the product. Registration is free, quick and easy and for every person registered EVO has partnered with Trees For The Future to plant a tree.

Since they only get paid when a successful connection between buyers and sellers occurs, its also a good venue for small, local green business who cant afford advertising large scale.  Read an interview with creator and CEO Dan Siegel to find out more about EVO.


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