Green Facebook Groups

Excerpt from Planet Green Web site on Top 5 Green Facebook Groups:

  1. Trees Have Rights Too – Bill of Planetary Rights Group
    Ever since the Trees Have Rights Too movement branched out to Facebook things have been heating up for this seriously green group. They aim to petition the United Nations to create a Bill of Planetary Rights that would impose regulations and guidelines regarding environmental affairs. Check out the Facebook Group and join the cause.
  2. iChapters’ Tree Planting Group
    After you join iChapter’s Facebook group, with every discount book you buy from their website, they’ll plant a tree. Not a bad deal at all. In the past, they’ve even done tree-planting drives through the group.
  3. Hotspex
    Who said marketing research has no conscious? This company specializes in advising companies on how to green their products. And if you join the Hotspex Facebook Group, they’ll plant a tree with your ‘name’ on it.
  4. Mysterious, Nameless, and Generous Carbon Offsetting Group
    Okay, so this strange, ostensibly British green group has no name. But for every 25 people who join, its administrators have pledged to donate 1 British Pound to a charity fighting climate change.
  5. The Green Library
    The Green Library has a interesting charge: to document all significant events, activities, literature, and projects that contribute to the pursuit of sustainability in libraries everywhere. Show your local book-lender some love and join the Green Library Facebook group. Plus, the group’s administrator has a killer ‘stache.

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