ALA Midwinter “Green” Summary

Returning from ALA Midwinter in Denver, CO where I took note of green practices- both current and future ideas -from the hosting city to future ALA meetings:

  • Denver has wonderful public transportation I took an inexpensive, comfortable, bus right from the airport to downtown Denver, where I immediately caught the FREE 16th St Mall Shuttle bus (a hybrid!) right to my hotel/convention center.The denver convention center itself offers easy recycling every place there is a trash can as well as signs everyone asking people to conserve water and recycle and much more if you check out their green meeting site.
  • For academic libraries,the upcoming ACRL conference in Seattle (March 12 – 15th, 2009) is going green asking attendees to take a green pledge, offering green hotels and restaurants and other green practices.
  • For ILL folks, the 40th Annual ILL Conference in Estes Park CO (April 30 – May 1, 2009) is going with a green theme.
  • I attended the Task Force on the Environment (part of Social Responsibilities Round Table) meeting and discussion sessions. If you are interested join the listserv. Discussion on a session at ALA Annual 2009 on the “Libraries Build Sustainable Committees” theme with both speakers and smaller group discussions on what smaller things (besides building green) libraries are doing to be green. The need to update and grow the TFOE Web site to provide more toolkits and resources was mentioned as well. And stay tuned for a possible ALA Presidential Task Force for greening libraries.
  • Denver Public Library hosted an unconference on Friday on the topic of Transition Libraries. There is social network of library people coming together to help transition the future based on sustainability at
  • Several green initiatives are being discussed for future ALA meetings such as podcasting sessions/presentations and cutting back on paper. Many sections now are going paperless (meaning no snail mailed newsletters, available digitally instead). The new ALA Connect web site area (PDF), coming sometime this spring, will allow each section to have its own community where documents, podcasts, chats, etc. can facilitate more virtual connections among colleagues. You can also contact the ALA Membership Office to ask to change your ALA preferences to email/electronic instead of paper. ALA is also considering going paperless by 2010 Annual, perhaps eliminating the cost and waste of paper to print those huge conference schedules many of us recycle immediately.

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