Eating Green

Looking for local, sustainable, organic food to cater a library function, night out with your staff, or when traveling for work? Here are two sites to check out: Local Harvest and Eat Well Guide. Both allow searching by zip code or keyword.

The Eat Well Guide has a nice travel planning guide so you can find good eats while on the road.  If you are traveling to a big city (such as DC for Computers in Libraries, Seattle for ACRL, Chicago for ALA), you can choose a  local guide by city or excursion to download.  Another nice feature:  find out what is in season in your local area. Why not add this info to your web site for your patrons letting them know what is in season each month?

Local Harvest caters to farmers and CSA, providing information on these topics as well as search for products.  They also have an online store if what you need is not local.  Be sure to search their events calendar and perhaps your library can become involved in these type events (a local farmers panel presentation @ your library? A CSA drop off point? Cheese making workshop?)

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