Upcoming Green Online Events (college)

April 23, 2-3:30 (ET) Webinar on the Role of Community Colleges in Preparing a Greener Workforce – Topics covered: What are the most innovative models for summer youth workforce programs? What is the unique role of community colleges as summer youth employment partners? Where are funds available?

April 30, 1-2pm (ET) Webinar on Building our Nation’s Green Collar Workforce –  [COST] Topics covered: how an institution can establish itself as a leader of the “green movement” within its community, state and region; what to consider when developing financially sound “road maps” to address energy management and conservation needs – regardless of your institution’s status as a signatory of the President’s Climate Commitment; when and where to focus “green collar” workforce training programs – considering four key elements in a curricular framework.

May 5, 1-2pm (MT) Webinar: Organizational Leadership and Climate Change – participants will learn how universities and colleges can create buy-in for their climate neutral goals and generate community involvement and support and discuss strategies for inspiring active engagement in a campus’ climate neutral journey.

June 24 10:30am – 6pm(ET) Green School & University Virtual Conference and Expo [FREE] Topics covered: Green Design & Planning, Green Buildings,Green Cleaning/Operation.

From AASHE Newsletter

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