Energy Monitoring to Save $

Tweet-a-watt – wirelessly monitors and “tweets ”  your home’s daily energy use to your Twitter account. Buy the kit or make it yourself.

Google’s Power Meter – The application will collect information from utility meters and energy monitors and provide easy access to energy statistics right from your iGoogle homepage. Not yet publicly available but you can join the mailing list. FAQs

Smart Power Strips are an easy way to monitor the amount of energy that item is using and you can shut off power supply when you don’t need it. Cost about $25- $50

Kill-A-Watt allows you to connect your appliances and assess how efficient they are for about $25. Watch this video to learn more.

GreeenSwitch is a wireless switch (which uses a microchip controlled radio frequency communication) that you – or the last person in the office –   switch off creating a signal sent to all the components you designated, such as  light switches and wall plugs, to automatically turn them off.  Cost ranges according to home or office needs.

Energy Joule – just plug it into any available wall outlet and turn it on. The color will indicate when you are paying more or less for energy and you can adjust your usage accordingly. Check with your power company to see if its available in your area.

Black N Decker Power Monitor consists of two parts – a wireless transmitter that easily attaches to your electric meter, and a wireless handheld device that uses data from your electric meter to display information about your energy consumption. Cost about $100.

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