Book Jackets into Gift Bags

Last Friday at The Green Paraprofessional Conference at East Carolina University Libraries, Suzanne Metcalf presented on her project of recycling book jackets into amazing gift bags. She got the idea several years ago working at Georgia Southern University when she noticed that the decorative book covers removed from the hardback books before being  placed on the shelves. After she saw a student at the circulation desk sporting a bag made of foil Capri Sun juice pouches,  she got the idea. She graciously offers a how-to turn book jackets into gift bags (PDF).  Here is an article by Her Magazine with more information and with a photos of Suzanne and some of the awesome bags!

One thought on “Book Jackets into Gift Bags

  1. […] Check out the current issue of C & RL News for a fabulous feature article “Constructive destruction: Examining the life cycle of texts through RE:BOOK” by Tagge and Booth. I saw a peek of this cool recycle and create project during a session at ACRL last spring but I was thrilled to hear more in this article.  I am all about recycling books into art and offering creative opportunities for students.  Through this project also surfaced the question of “when does a book outlive its intended use and what legitimately happens next?”  it is an opportunity to educate users as well as do something creative, model sustainable/reuse behaviors. I have discussed altered book & creative upcycling  before (here and here and here) if you are looking for other examples too. (also really like this idea of book jackets into gift bags!) […]

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