UN World Environmental Day TODAY

1_backgroundEvery June 5 since 1972 is the UN’s World Environmental Day. The goal of this day  is to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. Their web site offer many ideas, tips, information,videos, groups, campaigns and more.  Follow them on twitter and they will plant one tree for every follower! They also have a nice 12 steps program – to help unite and combat climate change.

One thought on “UN World Environmental Day TODAY

  1. lawrencechambers

    How come I hear about this 3 days late? Will Obama make the U.S. a real member of the U.N. again?

    While I’m convinced that climate change is very real, I am concerned about the retreat from the term global warming that we have been seeing. Certainly it’s more complex than that, and we are seeing climate extremes that can’t be simply described by the phrase “warming” Still, I’m afraid that it looks like we are retreating and admitting that the world is not warming.

    Climate Change for our childrens’ future.

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