Emotionally Intelligent Signage

Just LOVE this idea of appealing to people’s emotional side with signage:


(photo by Jennifer Caleshu, Director of Communications,  Bay Area Discovery Museum
of trash cans at the new California Academy of Sciences c/o Daniel Pink’s Blog)

3 thoughts on “Emotionally Intelligent Signage

  1. Hannah Winkler

    Cute. Maybe they could add a smiley face somewhere too – to know how you would feel after recycling/composting/landfilling …

  2. greenrednecks

    The “Recycle” and the “Compost” look a little too similar to me. I get the point, though. The most effective signs I’ve seen included a clear plastic container with examples of what goes where.

    Andy Greene
    Going Green for Rednecks

  3. juancanobarrera

    I’m not sure how this signage is “appealing to people’s emotional side”. It’s as unemotional and institutional as anything. It assumes your audience is already well educated and know exactly what is it that they can recycle, what to compost and what’s trash. Sleek looking with the nice stainless, but I bet it does a lousy job.

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