World Without Oil Online Game

A World without Oil online reality game was  actually done live with 1900 participants in spring 2007  but the site is archived and preserved to be used by anyone today.  Players live through a simulation of a world with out oil and  have to change their lifestyle to adjust to the alternate reality. They follow interdisciplinary lessons plans (which meet state and national standards) and communicate using CMS, blogs, nings, podcasts, and video. Wanta play? The offer some ideas on participating:

(1) you can get into the game and use the WWO “Time Machine” to call up any of these weeks. The official story for that week will be headlined in the upper center right; the stack of blocks to the left, under the dark blue panel, link to the player stories for that week. (The stories that the WWO team judged to be best will be at the top of the stack.) Clicking on a story block will take you to that story, usually posted by the player somewhere on the web.

(2) everyone is welcome to sign up as a Netizen Hero and to participate in “WWO Lives,” our ongoing blog about all matters WWO. We will definitely link to good in-game stories from the WWO Lives blog.


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