Wanda Urbanska on green libraries

Wanda Urbanska was part of an American Libraries sponsored Auditorium Speaker Series at ALA Annual in Chicago. As Simple Living host and an author, Urbanska talked about the disease of over consumption, the concept of heat, feed and speed (aka – decreasing energy requirements for the heating and cooling of homes, gardens/local food choices, and transportation choices), and that libraries are inherently green.  From the AL Inside Scoop blog here are a few ideas she suggested:

  • Timer systems for heating, cooling, and lighting systems.
  • Eliminating phantom loads by unplugging electronics when not in use.
  • Discouraging printing to reduce paper use.
  • Recycling of paper—including paper from discarded books.
  • “Freecycling” of magazines and books by having swaps at the library. “In today’s economy, that’s a big deal to folks, to be able to take home a book and mark it up and not have to return it,” she noted.
  • Buying locally made products whenever possible.
  • Reducing the use of disposable materials. Urbanska used her travel mug as an example, claiming that “In 20 years of carrying a travel mug everywhere I go, I’ve saved 7,000 cups from landfills.”
  • Using green cleaning products.
  • Bike or walk to work, errands, or meetings.
  • Host green programming, such as a workshop on making useful materials from plastic bags or a vegetarian cooking class.
  • Purchasing products made from recycled materials.

Watch the interview with Wanda


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