Free Webinar: Going Green – What does it really mean?

From District Administration and University Business Leadership Series Web Seminars: Going Green: What does it really mean?

FOR: K12 and higher-ed administrators
DATE: Thursday, August 6, 2009 from  2-3 pm ET
SUMMARY: “Going Green” — It’s all about preserving resources, setting the proper example for students and, of course, saving money. Today, “going green” permeates education, from decisions about construction materials and furniture to computers and cleansers. In this web seminar we’ll take a close look at sustainability, including trends, costs, hype and promise. Who will benefit: K12 administrators and college/university managers involved with sustainability, construction, buildings and grounds management, purchasing and technology.

  • Do green initiatives have to suffer in times of budget cuts?
  • How can the federal stimulus package support green initiatives?
  • How should you incorporate sustainability in renovations?
  • What are the latest trends in LEED-certification?
  • How should schools be rated on sustainability?


  • Rachel Gutter, Senior Manager for the Schools Sector, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Mark Orlowski, Founder & Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
  • A roundup of green products from Products Editor Kurt Dyrli.

More info and to register.


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