Which bulbs to buy?

Greenstrides – a great place to get info on green products & practices written by a  sustainable designer and member of the US Green Building Council –  has a recent article on the latest in LED lighting.  The 3 basic types of lights are your normal  (1) incandescent light bulbs which last about 1000 hours; (2) CFLS – compact florescent lights which last an  average of 10,000 hours; (3) and  LEDs – light emitting diodes – which will last for 30,000 to 50,000 hours and they don’t have the little bit of toxic mercury the CFLs contain. And though they cost more, they last longer putting out less heat and using much less electricity.  They are easier to find and use these days for interior or exterior lighting.  Check out this greenstrides article for more information.

3 thoughts on “Which bulbs to buy?

  1. The problem with that article is a key fact that it omits: Prices.

    We’d much prefer to replace incandescents with LED bulbs–they’re dimmable, for one thing (CCFL “dimmables” we’ve tried don’t work unless you’re deaf). But…

    “They cost more” is an understatement. The only direct-bulb replacement, from C C Crane, costs a cool $99 for ONE 60-watt replacement bulb. ONE BULB. We can still find utility-subsidized CCFLs for $2 for a fourpack or non-subsidized ones for $5 for a twopack…

    Get the LED price down to, say, $20, and the picture changes. Right now, unfortunately, they’re just not plausible replacements for most uses.

  2. very good point! But it IS a good option for people who complain about the mercury in CFLs, yet still want to more energy efficient and want to pay the price. With more people buying them, over time, the price will come down.

    Perhaps grants are for purchasing or tax deductions are avaialble for going with LEDs?

  3. Waltcrawford. I definitely know what you are talking about. LED prices are coming down. An excellent replacement at a good price is the phillips enduraled.

    You can check it out at http://www.northernlightsusa.com

    when you buy, make sure you use COUPON CODE BULBS10

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