Greening IT in Higher Ed FREE Webinar

What: Green IT: Saving Money, Saving the Environment Webinar

When: Sept 10, 2-3pm ET

Presenters: Tim Goral, Moderator; Speakers to be announced

Costs: FREE! (due to sponsorship by Alcatel-Lucent)


Technology drives higher education, but unfortunately it’s also a tremendous drain on the environment. It doesn’t have to be that way. Innovative programs from Alcatel Lucent and Bell Labs are at the forefront of eco-sustainability efforts, finding ways to save money while saving the environment. Learn about equipment buy-back and “e-cycling” programs that put technology in user hands and keep harmful toxins out of the landfill. Hear about a data center cooling system that recycles waste heat for electricity-and produced a return on investment in just three months. Join a panel of experts to hear about these and other success stories, and get eco-friendly ideas that can be applied to any institution.

Details: found on the  University Business Web Seminar series web page


See also their archives of past seminars.

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