Must Watch Film: Earth Days

posterLast night we hosted the first of our monthly Sustainability Film & Dialogue Series for the year and showed the film Earth Days an informative, fascinating look at the the start of the environmental movement in the US from the 1950s to today –  before going green was in the mainstream; when it was a bipartisan topic; when (pre-internet !) grassroots youth efforts organized the first Earth Day in 1970.

Personally I wish I could get everyone to watch this film. It’s an educational look at history of conservation movement, in a non-preachy, realistic way as eco-activists – including scientists, astronaut, politicians  – tell their stories, loaded with beautiful imagery and historical footage.  Hear about the technological innovations people in this country were doing years ago (did you know GM was making an electronic car 50 years ago?!); the political realization of the environmental movement in the 70s (Nixon creating the EPA;  Carter putting solar panels on the white house ); the sadness of loosing years of eco-efforts as political leaders changed (Regan removing the solar panels); how we still haven’t learned from the past (remember OPEC embargo of the early 70s when politicians said lets not rely on oil and look at other sources for renewable energy …. what happened?!)

So, as the 40th anniversary of Earth Day is only 10 months away, think about hosting this film at your library followed by a lively discussion… maybe people in your community will become inspired again or at least educated – and realize we are only harming ourselves, our kids, and future generations by not taking this concept seriously. Watch the trailer for more information.

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