what about a library card?

Go green by going digital! Is it really greener?   Here is a blog post in MotherJones about Kindle ebook reader vs books

Kindle’s lifecycle impact is much less [than a book]: In its first year, it offsets the emissions created by its manufacture, and over its lifecycle, its carbon savings even out to about 370 pounds of CO2, or the equivalent of about 22.5 books per year.

But what if you crave paper books than an ebook format? in this article, they also calculate the cost-savings of using your library instead of buying books and the savings to the environment (and your wallet!) in the process.

Read the Cleanteach Group’s report on how green ebook readers are over print books, magazines and newspapers.

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EcoLibris: It’s Time for a Green Book

EcoLibris has a project called It’s Time for a Green Book: 1 Day, 100 bloggers, 100 green books, 100 reviews. Their goal is to have at least 100 bloggers, who review books on regular basis, simultaneously publish their book review  on Tuesday, November 10 2009. What is a green book? books that are printed using recycled and FSC certified paper. They are currently preparing a list of at least 100 books that are meeting the “green” criteria and asking publishers to send these to participating bloggers to review. If you want to participate read more on their blog or email  raz@ecolibris.net.

LJ’s Going Green Design Institute

The 6th Library Journal Design Institute will be at the Dallas Public Library this year December 10, 2009 from 9-6pm. Limited to 100 attendees  – but free! – who are those considering a new building project or renovation, and are  in the fundraising or pre-bond stage, or in the early building process. To apply to attend you must submit a double-spaced word document (maximum 200 words), describing  either the larger design problem you are tackling with your new building, renovation, or addition, or a particular aspect of it and included supporting documents as needed.  Sign up here.

Going Green w/ Twitter

Twitter can be considered a more sustainable, green tool.  Why?   well, it’s  FREE.  You can get your message out quickly to lots of people w/o sending out something in print format.  You can easily and quickly receive info and tips on green topics (which you can then quickly & easily re-tweet) w/o printing, mailing or driving anywhere. You can do it mobilely, wherever you are, w/ less energy cost than a computer. There are lots of bloggers (green blogs, library bloggers) who post their messages via twitter –  a one stop shop.  You can market what green things the library is doing or invite people to a green event through twitter.  Try participating in a conference w/o attending  in person – or at least – read tweets from people at the conference.  Search twitter for references to green & sustainable libraries to find out whats happening around the world.  Use twitter to motitor your energy usage.

For more ways to use Twitter in your library read this article or offer some comments to this blog post!

Going Green @ your library is  on Twitter @greenyourlib

New green blog to follow

Late this past spring the Alliance Library System (IL) created Green Blogdesigned to help libraries of all sizes and types become more environmentally friendly.”  They have many good blog posts already – some focused on Illinois related initiatives but many can be implemented by a library anywhere.  Their focus is on topics of Environmental Organizations & Initiatives, Financial Resources, Green Buildings, and Programming Ideas. They also have started a list of additional resources and share some of their wonderful brochures and handouts on the  downloadables tab (especially useful one on how to approach your library board)