Going Green w/ Twitter

Twitter can be considered a more sustainable, green tool.  Why?   well, it’s  FREE.  You can get your message out quickly to lots of people w/o sending out something in print format.  You can easily and quickly receive info and tips on green topics (which you can then quickly & easily re-tweet) w/o printing, mailing or driving anywhere. You can do it mobilely, wherever you are, w/ less energy cost than a computer. There are lots of bloggers (green blogs, library bloggers) who post their messages via twitter –  a one stop shop.  You can market what green things the library is doing or invite people to a green event through twitter.  Try participating in a conference w/o attending  in person – or at least – read tweets from people at the conference.  Search twitter for references to green & sustainable libraries to find out whats happening around the world.  Use twitter to motitor your energy usage.

For more ways to use Twitter in your library read this article or offer some comments to this blog post!

Going Green @ your library is  on Twitter @greenyourlib

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