(higher ed) upcoming green events

Some upcoming events, mostly at cost, from AASHE bulletin:

Pre-Conf Workshop: How Higher Education Can Lead Restoration
October 15, 2009; 9am – 5pm Pacific; San Francisco, CA/ Cost $150
Second Nature, AASHE, and the California Student Sustainability Coalition will host “Education for Action in the Age of Climate Change: How Higher Education Can Lead Restoration In and Out of the Classroom,” a pre-conference workshop at Bioneers 2009. The workshop, which is designed for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the general public, will challenge participants to rethink the purpose of formal education related to solving the complex problems we face, while demonstrating breakthrough examples of leadership and successful innovations. Keynote speakers will include David Orr, leading environmental educator and Bioneers board member; Dr. Anthony Cortese, founder and President of Second Nature; and Julian Keniry, Senior Director of Campus and Community Leadership for the National Wildlife Federation.

Transformative Learning through Sustainability Education Workshop
October 20, 2009; British Columbia Institute of Technology/Cost $75
The British Columbia Institute of Technology will host “Transformative Learning: Creating Communities Through Sustainability Education.” The event is for students, faculty, staff, and administrators and will focus on building capacity for sustainability education in post secondary institutions across BC. The one-day workshop will cover such topics as: trends and opportunities in the sustainability education movement; professional development tools and approaches for faculty members; building relationships with communities to foster critical sustainability research; experience and hands-on learning; and identifying sustainability learning outcomes. Registration is currently available.

Campus Sustainability Day Webcast
October 21, 2009; 1 – 2:30pm Eastern/Cost $195
The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) will host a Campus Sustainability Day webcast. Participants in the webcast will discover how institutions across North America are finding opportunities in the wake of budget cuts and providing the appropriate campus infrastructure and knowledge on how to finance, plan, operate, and manage low carbon, energy efficient campuses. Attendees will also learn how these actions are supporting broader community, regional, and national initiatives. Participants will hear from Andrew Revkin, Science Reporter for the New York Times; Sarah Brylinsky, Sustainability Education Coordinator for Dickinson College (PA); Larry Eisenberg, Executive Director for Facilities Planning and Development at the Los Angeles Community College District; Joseph E. Grasso, Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration at Cornell University (NY); and Angela Halfacre, Director of the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability and Professor of Political Science at Furman University (SC).

Carbon Neutral Campus Architecture Webcast
November 19, 2009; 1 – 3pm Eastern/COST $195
The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) will host “Carbon Neutral Campus Architecture: Climate Specific Design and Innovation,” a webcast that will investigate carbon neutral architectural projects. Buildings from three to four different climate zones will be highlighted. Learning outcomes include discovering what drivers and change agents have been put in place at campuses and institutions to lead to the successful design and construction of carbon neutral; exploring projects and design possibilities that can or will achieve carbon neutrality; and deriving inspiration for climate-specific design and understand the strategies related to specific climate zones.


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