Online conference: call for proposals

Learning Times is presenting an online conference March 2-4, 2010 called Stakeholder Engagement 2010TM The Annual International Online Conference. The theme is Including the Excluded: Social/Environmental Justice Accessibility, and Social Inclusion in Engagement.  The conference sessions will cover:

  • Historically excluded or underserved groups (Social or Environmental Justice)
  • Individuals with physical or mental disabilities (Accessibility)
  • Persons who are socially excluded by geography, personal habits and appearance, class structure, income, education, or religion (Social Inclusion)

All conference sessions, field trips, and networking events will take place via webcast/webinar, Skype, or in virtual worlds. Submit your proposal and stay tuned for registration information later this year.


One thought on “Online conference: call for proposals

  1. Too bad those experiencing social injustice will not be able to attend. America spends zillions on Environmental Injustice, Cap and Trade and the signing of the UN Treaty may just bankrupt enough carbon credits so that there is no manufacturing left in the U.S. We propose President Obama does not allow America to be held ransom.

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