Cool new green library blogs

Some recent blogs I just discovered:

  • Sustainable Libraries – blogger Rebekkah Smith Aldrich who sounds like she has a cool job Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability at the Mid-Hudson Library System in New York (and LEED AP certification), will be blogging about Libraries + Green/Sustainable Buildings and says  “join me as we watch and collaborate with libraries around the country who are doing their best for their local and global communities.”
  • OU Libraries are Going for the Green! blog:  started this past fall and written by Alden Library staff , their goal is to blog about ideas for making their building & our work spaces more environmentally friendly, to share tips for greening the environments at home, and for announcing local sustainability event for Ohio University students, faculty, staff and the Athens community. Many postings discuss  their awesome Consciousness: Sustainability Workshops & Films  series.
  • Greening of Drexel Libraries Blog: Drexel’s Libraries Green Committee has been blogging for almost a year on all sorts of green topics including resources, news, reports, and events –  useful not only to the Drexel community  – but often relevant beyond their university. Check out their category listing on left to find topics important to you.


One thought on “Cool new green library blogs

  1. Thanks for the plug for The site is now up and running, unlike in January when it was just a place holder!

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