another library’s green pages

Here is just one of many examples popping up these days as libraries are creating their own ‘green pages’ or green blogs or environmental resources Web sites.  The Burbank Public Library offers these Green Pages to blog about their green ideas offer resource links and share news –  also including a calendar of So Cal green events and a display the twitter feed for their city’s water and power company.

I know lots of other libraries are creating such pages, blogs or twitter accounts but please comment and share your information! I gathering links to  libraries’ green pages for libraries to create a resources for everyone to use.  FYI – for resource listing specifically on green library buildings visit Green Libraries site.


One thought on “another library’s green pages

  1. In April of 2008 the Schaumburg Township District Library started a green blog called “Come to the Green Side.”

    It is the goal of the blog to provide dropoff locations, local resources, green tips and environmentally friendly events for the residents of Schaumburg Township. We try to keep things as local as possible and not to stray beyond our immediate area. That’s not to say, though, there aren’t other Chicagoland area events and resources that don’t get posted. Our philosophy is, basically, “Being green is easier when it’s local.” I just wish it was easier to find relevant postings in the winter!

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