Gulf Oil Tragedy – what can WE do?

Several of us have been talking about the horrible gulf oil spill (leak? gush? disaster?) and how can we do anything to help.  The best thing anyone can do it write a letter to congress. Seriously.  Having met and heard speak, various congressmen, who all say a personal letter from their constituents – especially ones from the youth – will be read, rather than a petition or a form letter.  A letter not as much placing blame on anyone for the tragedy or being negative about it, but a letter about what we can and should be doing to alleviate this from happening again. A letter stating that you support and want congress to pass comprehensive clean, green energy and climate legislation that puts our nation on the path to a sustainable energy future as well as creating  new economy that grows jobs and a new american culture through production of cleaner vehicles and fuels, promotion of energy efficiency and renewables, placing firm limits on global warming pollution and ensuring that an oil spill catastrophe never happens again.

Perhaps a letter writing table in the library encouraging people to write down and mail their thoughts? A program with the youth in the library or school to write letters or draw pictures and mail to your local congressmen? Are any libraries doing this or something similar? Please share your ideas!


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