Gulf Oil Spill… what else can you do?

Support the Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams through the National Wildlife Federation who is going to monitor the 10,000+ miles of coastal wetlands, marshes and beaches for signs of the oil spill’s impact to the ecosystems of the Gulf by collecting data and assisting with restoration efforts.

What do they need? (from the NWF website)

  • 200 GPS units (marine and shore) – The Surveillance Teams are making observations both along the shore and on open water that are based on coordinates.
  • Digital Cameras – Many of our volunteers have them, but many do not, so we are hoping to set up a loaner program for digital cameras.
  • Gift Cards to purchase items – To help us fill in the holes of necessary supplies, gift cards are a very useful thing to donate, preferably to Dicks, Cabalas, REI, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Walmart or other stores that provide the materials below.
  • Kit materials for volunteers – (Need about 400 of each item to get started)
    – Clipboards
    – Laminate sheets or machine
    – Sunscreen
    – Gas gift cards
    – Water Bottles
    – Backpacks
    – Bug repellent or jackets
    – Hats
    – Pens

Send donations to:

National Wildlife Federation
Attn: Oil Spill Volunteer Network
11100 Wildlife Center Drive
Reston, VA 20190

Read more!

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