NEW International Environment Library Consortium

The  IAMSLIC (International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers) blog introduces a new library consortium called International Environment Library Consortium.  This  consortium is made up of World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute, Wildlife Conservation Society, and The Nature Conservancy, who came together to alleviate the problem so many of these non profit environmental  libraries face with access to information and ability to pay for the best and necessary resources. Consortiums allow for better group deals and achieve greater purchasing power which benefits all.   The purpose of the IELC is to provide research resources in the areas of environment, ecology, wildlife, natural resources, business, and economics.

Who can apply for membership? The IELC is open to not-for profit 501(c)(3) organizations or government agencies working in environmental conservation.  Commitments for 2011 subscriptions will be made early November 2010. Contact the IELC Administrator for details:  Dawn Pointer McCleskey, Librarian , World Wildlife Fund. (202) 495-4636.

(special thanks @globallib for the heads up on this new consortium!)


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