Bottled Water continued …

The NYT today has piece on bottled water.  I love the opening stat….

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day costs you: $.49 a year from the tap$1,4000 a year from bottled

Pay more, produce more waste, and more industrial emissions to encourage more  climate change!

Though people seem to disagree w/ this idea,  studies show most tap water is fine to drink, and bottled water has no set regulations so you could be getting poorer quality of water from that than your tap … or… getting the same water from your tap but paying for it in plastic bottle!   The biggest reason why people buy bottled water – LAZINESS –  HABIT! yup, it’s easier in the grab a bottle than bring your own refillable. Bottled water wasn’t around much before the 1980s and we weren’t dying of thirst, I think we can handle it again.  Also note in the US producing bottled water consumes 17 million barrels of oil annually. conserve water and oil!

No matter your age, you can make a difference.  There are movements on some campus that are student driven to ban water.  Seattle U and U of Wisconsin and other colleges will be banning bottled water on campus.Go students!  Or check out this story about a the octogenarian who has been pushing to ban bottle water in Concord!

Did you know…. 86% of plastic water bottles end up in the garbage?

What can your library do? start by stopping to offer bottled water altogether. Sell reusable water bottles w/ your library logo and have a filling tap on your water foundations or a large jug of water at events. Educate people. Show the film Tapped.  Embed the Story of Bottle Water video on your website. other ideas?


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