New Sustainable Librarians Group on LinkedIn

During our research to write this book chapter Librarians as Sustainability Advocates, Educators and Entrepreneurs (part of The Entrepreneurial Librarian  book to be published by McFarland & Company in late 2011 or early 2012, editors Mary Krautter, Mary Beth Lock and Mary Scanlon), we were looking for inspiring, entrepreneurial stories about green initiatives by librarians to include.   We collected some fantastic stories and heard from some wonderful people, many of whom mentioned a need to better network connect with others.  So we created a network on LinkedIn called Sustainability Librarians. where we hope people share stories and best practices, network and encourage others to join the movement.

Thanks for all that each of you do to support greener librarianship!

Beth Filar Williams
UNC-Greensboro Libraries

Anne Less
Mary Davidge Associates @ Google, Inc.


Sarah Dorsey
UNC-Greensboro Libraries

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