Checking out veggies @ your library

Check out the City Island Library(in Bronx, NY) offering unique items to check out – a bowl of home grown veggies!  More and more libraries are gardening – from campus gardens to edible school yards to public library staff like this one creating their own little garden. Even a small urban branch library like this City Island Library, still manages to offer a nice reading space for patrons in the backyard along with various vegetable and herb plants that partrons can pick themselves or grab from the bowl at the checkout desk.

There are other library gardening ventures such as the  LibraryFarm  – an  organic community garden on one-half acre of land owned by Northern Onondaga Public Library in Cicero, NY, teaching food literacy and offering (no cost) plots for patrons.  if you know of others, please share by commenting or emailing me directly 🙂

2 thoughts on “Checking out veggies @ your library

  1. Our library has a seed library. People “check-out” seeds, although we don’t ask that they return them. Just grow them and eat more healthily.

  2. Sounds great! what library is this? can you include the name and a link to the webpage?

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