Reviewers Needed

A message worth passing along – textbook reviewers needed in all disciplines for education for sustainability!

Are you helping to educate for a more sustainable future? Help impact hundreds of thousands of students by infusing sustainability into textbooks from major publishers and get paid for your efforts.

Textbook publishers have seen the demand from educators and students for sustainability related materials in all disciplines. We have been asked by major textbook publishers, Cengage and McGraw-Hill, to gather names of potential reviewers who are interested in  receiving remuneration for suggesting ideas about how to educate for a sustainable future.  These ideas will be used as examples and themes in their textbook revisions.  If you know of anyone in any academic discipline involved in educating for a sustainable future, please forward their names and contact info to (include their discipline(s) in the subject line) and we will follow up with them about these exciting possibilities.

Thank you.

Debra Rowe, Ph.D.
U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development
Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium
Founder and Facilitator
Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability


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