Easy refill station for water bottles

I saw this refill station in the San Fran airport and thought how great it would be if libraries – public, schools, academic institutions – would have stations like this to encourage easy of filling up your own water bottle (I’m sure some do, just haven’t seen it personally yet). Sure you can try filling at a drinking fountain but some times that’s difficult with various streams of water and strange angles when refilling a big water bottle.  If  a library had one of these, perhaps include signage showing how much you save (money and energy) by using your own bottle. And of course even sell some nice ones with your library logo for users to purchase and  refill.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has lots of info on their  website especially about drinking tap water and a map showing where these fill up stations are around town called Tap It! Their Tap It widget helps you find one around the city. Cool idea and educational too!

As I researched more about TapIt Water I found out they have other partners and cities around the US (disappointingly not the  current state where I live, but lots of others!)  …. and they even have an iPhone App to discover refill stations on the go!


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