New book: Greening Libraries

Finally the book Greening Libraries by Monika Antonelli and Mark McCullough (published & available through Library Juice Press) has arrived! It contains a lot of articles by a variety of people, organized in sections: Green Building, Green Communities, Services and Programs, and Green Resources & Reflections.

My chapter on Green Blogging falls in the last section, much more of a personal reflection than a research piece. I’m excited to read articles from those I know and respect like Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (Greening Libraries in Historic Buildings), Laura Barnes (Resources for Greening Libraries), and Maria Jankowska (Environmental Programs and Green Practices in ALA…) for example;  but also to discover others’ stories such as one on Library Sponsored Sustainable Librarian Outreach in Denver (by Kate Lawrence), Tending the Garden: Growing Your Own Green Library Committee (by Andersen, Gustavson, Hisle, & Reynolds); and One Librarian’s Lessons in Programming (by Robbie Sittel)… just to name a few –  there are many more chapters to dive into reading.  It is exciting to see how many ways librarians are and have been at the forefront of sustainable green efforts.   Thanks Monika and Mark for your hard work pulling this book together!


The AASHE blog allows for members to express thoughts and ideas with the wider AASHE audience. With the recent Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development,  the blog has offered summaries and thoughts on the conference’s effects on higher ed. I liked this particular quote and can see how libraries can be a part of these efforts though providing access and hence education to all:

I truly believe that higher education must be a leader in these efforts but we will not be effective unless we have a systems-based approach where our political, economic and social institutions work closely in collaboration with education across all ages and in much more applied and practical ways. The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative, launched by UNESCO and led by UN Asst Secretary Elizabeth Thompson, is a start, as it raises the recognition of higher education’s contributions to sustainable development efforts. (from Kim reports from #Rio20 post)

Stay informed and follow the blog online, through RSS feed or checkout AASHE other social network options.

Greening ALA conferences…

Please fill out this 3 question survey about greening ALA:

Go to form or fill out below:  (This survey idea came from the Librarians for Sustainability webinar series created by M. Charney, B FilarWilliams and  B Smith, hoping the new TFOE chairs and group would use to promote better sustainable practices at future ALA conferences.)

Also be sure to think about your personal green habits when conferencing. Here is a post I did about greening an ala conference in the past, a post about how green the AASHE conference was,  though its probably too late to book a flight – a post about green flying tips, and a greening conferences website recommended by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (thx!)

Sustainable Events at ALA Anaheim

Going to ALA? Please tweet #sustlib (and #ala12) for any conference sessions that take about sustainability issues in libraries!

TFOE Meet up!
Friday 7:30pm (Hilton Anaheim Oceanside Tbl 5)
Meet the incoming (enthusiastic!) volunteer chairs of TFOE …discuss ideas on how TFOE might evolve or become its own round table etc!

Successful Collaboration in Good Times and Bad
Sat., Jun. 23, 10:30 a.m.–noon (ACC 303C). A panel of experts discuss three digital collaborative efforts and discuss factors that have or could have made them successful and sustainable. Practical counseling.

Sustainable Thinking: Passageways to Better Buildings, Budgets and Beyond
Mon., Jun. 25, 10:30 a.m.–noon (ACC206A). Promises to take sustainability to “a new level of understanding,” claiming sustainable thinking fosters partnerships, improves social equity and economic vitality, enhances environmental quality, increases revenue, and conveys value. ” Speakers are Jeffrey Scherer (MS&R Ltd.), Louise Schaper, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (Mid-Hudson Lib. Syst.), and Susan Benton (ULC).

The International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) and the Sister Library Initiative: Cooperation Across Borders
Mon. Jun. 25, 10:30 a.m.–noon (ACC 201C) . Librarians discuss their sister library partnerships and how they provide a mutual source of pride, opportunity, and inspiration.

Our Sustainable Film & Discussion Series for 2011-12

For over 6 years my University has been hosting a year-long series of films designed to stimulate discussion about a sustainable future for the planet. It was created and run by a librarian (yea Sarah Dorsey!) and I assist with the film nights and minutes from discussion. Here are the films we showed this year (Play Again and Truck Farm were my favorites though they were all really good!)

Here is a blog post with the films we have shown in the past!