Free Online Sustainability Course “Sustainability: a global introduction”

When? Starting August 27th 2012 and running for 8 weeks

Offer through?  Supported by Illinois School of Earth, Society, and the Environment and  Office of Online and Continuing Education, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and by the University of Illinois.

Content?  Examines the global forces that will determine our sustainable future covering questions like:

  • What are the biggest threats – is it loss of biodiversity, climate change, or population growth?
  • Is “peak oil” real, and can renewable sources bridge the energy gap?
  • Where are we headed – do demographics, economics, science and policy point towards a prosperous future?


Tasks? Mix of readings, short lectures, quizzes, collaborative projects and discussions. All participants who successfully complete the required activities (and tests!) will earn a completion badge.

Professor?  Dr. Jonathan Tomkin is the Associate Director of the School of Earth, Society and Environment at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The textbook is free and downloadable from the web.

More details here!     Sign up coming soon….


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