Recycling Videos for Campus

Questions often arise from our library staff on what can and cannot be recycled on campus. Recently two  members of our Green Library Team (we also both create videos for the library!)  decided to answer these questions by interviewing the manager of Waste Reduction and Recycling on campus at UNCG and create a set of short videos on various topics. We pushed these topics though our library blogs and feeds over the past academic year. They were created for the library, but are relevant to the whole campus and now are linked on the OWRR website and were pushed thought the campus Youtube feeds. A useful way to show how the library is an effective disseminator of information, uses technology to reach users, and model good environmentally friendly behaviors!

Here is the first video:

Others to view are:

Green Leak: Plastics

Green Leak: Paper,Cardboard and Chipboard

Green Leak: Office Paper Recycling

Green Leak: Electronic (E-Waste) Recycling

Green Leak: Recycling at UNCG – Dining Services

Green Leak: Construction Waste

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