Visiting Libraries & Sustainable Life in Italy

I haven’t been blogging much recently as I have been busy for a few weeks in Italy, working with this amazing international digital libraries learning program in Parma.  But I have noticed how much more sustainable daily life is here.  Most every Italian librarian I have meet (besides being amazing friendly!) are by nature more green and sustainable as many people  are here in northern Italy where I am staying.  Some things I have notices include:  1) they don’t demolish the (library) buildings, they redo and keep up the old = less waste; 2) even though in late September and often seems very warm to me, there is little AC on anywhere, and they open windows  and shutters for natural air, light and breezes (no screens though) –  and sit outside to eat meals and enjoy the outdoors;  3) lights are usually off in rooms w/o people presents, keeping down costs and less waste of energy; every rezidencia or hotel requires you put your key or  card into a slot in the room in order to keep the lights  so when you leave with your key,  lights are off automatically;   4)  on the streets there are often a circle of four cans for various  recycling (not just for trash)  and by residences, the city actually picks up containers of compost;  5) on buildings in town and traveling by train along the countryside there are solar panels everywhere; 6) there is almost no suburban sprawl – you live in a city or its countryside; 7) most food seems very fresh and local and sustainable – from lots of fresh fruits, homemade pastas and locally dried meats;  8)and most everyone is taking public transportation, walking or biking – and I mean from old to young, in heals, in skirts, in suits!


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