Seed Bank Libraries

SeedLibrary2311A great piece on NPR recently on   How To Save A Public Library: Make It A Seed Bank where  a partnership between the Basalt Public Library (CO) and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute have created this wonderful seed bank.

There are a few other seed bank libraries as well: A past blog post from July 2010 on Richmond (CA) seed lending library.  Rebecca has a blog  – –  on creating your own seed lending library and San Fran now has two branches lending seeds!

Other libraries like Fairfield Woods Branch have a seed to seed series;  Alameda Free Library also offers similar service;  and East Palo Alto Seed Library has started a seed lending library partnership with Collective Roots.

If you know of more libraries with seed lending services or banks, please comment or email me! 


3/5/13 Thanks alaskadragonfly for this awesome list of Seed Lending Libraries!!

One thought on “Seed Bank Libraries

  1. I found your post while I was working on a Library Marketing project about libraries involved in seed lending projects. My tumblr post includes 32 libraries and 2 museums:

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