Study: Divesting From Fossil-Fuel Companies at Colleges

Is there hold back about pushing your campus to avoid fossil fuel companies might bring down monies brought to campus? Interesting  article from Jan. 29th  Chronicle of Higher Education  “Divesting From Fossil-Fuel Companies Is Unlikely to Harm Endowments, Report Says”   A study  by  the Aperio group states that “divesting from fossil-fuel companies does not necessarily add value to a portfolio, it does not subtract value from it either. ”  Also the article notes that  about 200 colleges have student groups pushing for their schools to divest in fossil fuel companies. Check out the Filthy 15 for key companies to avoid especially coal-burning power. (hmm hard for us here in southeast with states that are sadly not on board with alternatives right now, and think fracking is only other answer)

If you are an ALA member the Social Responsibilities Round Table has been trying to push an ALA resolution on Divestment of Holding in Fossil Fuel Companies as a social responsibility for the ALA.  At midwinter last month, the resolution was not passed  since it first needs to go through the  Budget and Review Committee (BARC) for study of possible financial impact on ALA  but stay tuned  by joining in SRRT or viewing their mailing list archives for information.

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