Going to ACRL? Meet up for walk/drinks!

Join us for the SustainRT: Culture Trail Walk & Green Drinks Meet Up in Indy (at ACRL 2013)

Calling all librarians (not just academics but anyone of the local library community interested in joining us!)who have interest in sustainability for Cultural Trail Walk and/or Green Drinks. Chat with other like minded librarians while we take a walk along the beautiful Indianapolis Cultural Trail (map: http://www.indyculturaltrail.org/map.html) – the Canal Walk route, toward the Central Library. We plan a 30+ minute walk toward the north end, followed by a Green Drinks at a local place The Rathskeller

This is sponsored by the NEW round table of ALA SustainRT!

When: Friday April 12 at 5:15pm.

Cultural Trail Walk Meetup: corner of Washington St and Capital Ave, on the lawn of the Capital by the trail (map)

Green Drinks Meetup: by 6pm at Rathsekller 
401 E. Michigan St.

Sign up on facebook!


Thanks to all who rallied out in the wind and chill to walk along the beautiful cultural/canal trail Friday at ACRL! Especially thanks to Joe Fox for being our local tour guide and Susan Sharpless Smith for the lovely group photo (see more here!)


Credit and thanks for photo – Susan Sharpless Smith!

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